Texture Animation (Three.js)

Tools for Becoming

aparallel evolution of beings in a short-term memory process

This project reflects an experimentation with Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of A Thousand Plateaus in order to re-construct the universal image of the ‘average’ man. Theories of Deleuze and Guattari and basic tools/actions of 3D design software are combined to generate and visualize a new, altered abstraction of the ‘average man’.

The ‘average man’, as found online, comes by default with standardized components (compilations of smaller particles) and a fixed configuration. One object (the universal model of the ‘average man’), composed of 11 grouped meshes, can be broken down to a maximum of 3314 individual meshes via explosion.

Instructions and actions:
  • Heterogeneous, interconnected traces of the unconscious are floating in n dimensions somewhere in the middle. Varieties of multiplicities are to be mapped and constructed through a short-term memory where forgetting is part of the process and rupture sets the grounds for evolutionary rhizomatic schema.

  • Constitution of the unique happens in n-1 dimensions of the multiplicity (plane of consistency; dimensions occupied by the multiplicity)

* the nature of the multiplicity and all of its dimensions are transformed by the change in the line of flight (explode, move, group, copy, mirror, rotate, scale)

  • Sudden rapture of the rhizome will produce a series of becomings expanding on the old lines of the rhizome or starting up on new ones. In this process, there is no starting point nor end, only middle and multiple entryways.
  • Heterogeneous connections, aparallel evolution of becomings, exhaustion of the rhizome through constant deterritorialisations and reterritorialisations nurtures new abstractions, new constitutions of the unique.
  • Through expanding reterritorialisations, the rhizome is extended to an abstract machine experimenting with the real under conditions of discontinuity, rapture and multiplicity.
  • An anti-genealogy that maps the unpredicted and the random. Polymorphous articulations of assemblages that are formed by strata in n dimensions of expression.
  • By subtraction of the elements and constant modification of relations, by simplification rather than complication, comes the progress in variations of the multiplicities and forms of the rhizome.
  • Liberation from hierarchy, from sexuality, from genitality, from dogma, from structure, from tracing, from beginning or end, from axis and points, from binary logic, from roots and radicles. 
  • Extending the rhizome of the ‘average man’; multiplicities connected to other multiplicities, forming collective assemblages. Bodies related to other heterogeneous bodies.

* strata/layers and the act of stratification; heterogeneous bodies are joined together in assemblages, in a temporary virtual plane of consistency (territorialisation)


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